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Bandhan on a Chakra

Bandhan on a Chakra

IMG0044-XL“Now one has to know that this all pervading power of divine love is the ocean of compassion and love. It is the ocean of knowledge. All the real knowledge you know, not from the books, not from the words, but the real knowledge about reality. It is the ocean of so many miracles and so many blessings.

But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. Whatever wrong you might have done, whatever mistakes you might have committed, all are forgiven by this divine power of love. Truth is love, love is peace, and all of them are one. You become the master of it. You don’t dominate others, don’t torture others, but you love. And this love is without any lust or greed.

Above all, this ocean of love is the ocean of joy. You become joyous. Joy is not like happiness or unhappiness. It is singular. You enjoy yourself, you enjoy the nature, you enjoy everything. It is such a remarkable thing that is going to happen. We can say now there is a global transformation. So there will be no wars, no arguments, no discussions. Because everybody will know the same truth. No fixed ideas, it is just reality.”

— Shri Mataji, 25 September 1995, public programme, Kiev, Ukraine


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