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Feeling the Cool Breeze of the Kundalini

Fontanelle bone area

When feeling the cool breeze, keep the palm of your hand directly, straight above the fontanelle area. Take care your hand is not off to the side. As shown in the picture, the fontanelle is slightly towards the front of the top of the head. When you press the top of the head with your fingers, it is normal to find the fontanelle area feeling mildly sensitive.

Keeping it directly above the fontanelle area, move your hand upwards slowly until you can clearly feel the cool breeze. For some it is closer to the head, for others it can be quite far away (having to extend your arm fully). Try this with both hands.

Question: How can you tell that it’s Self-realization? You feel a breeze but how does it become…

Shri Mataji: You see, when you feel the cool breeze, [it] is the beginning of it, all right? Now you have to see what this cool breeze is, all right? Now if you go to a college of science or a college of medicine what you have to do is to see what it is, isn’t it? And to see whatever it says, does it prove.

revised-chakra-chartNow, when you see the cool breeze in your hand, what happens that it is, as I said, is the compassion of God say for example, you just believe in the hypothesis just now. Now what is this compassion doing, is made you [into] a computer. On the fingertips you can tell what centers are catching, of yours and of others, so you become the diagnosis itself.

Now if you know a little few gestures by which you can handle this power, you can cure the centers. That’s the minimum, all right? You can know from this whether you have mental problem or you have emotional problem, or you have physical problem and of what nature. This is how is the self-knowledge starts, from the very basics.

What’s the problem with you, first let us see the problem on the centers, all right? Then you move forward when you go with it, then you understand what’s the problem with others, then what’s the problem in the collective, then what’s the problem of this country, and if you know how to solve them, sitting down here, you can do it, you can solve it.

But this is the breeze which has to be felt first because this is the breeze which we call as the all-pervading power of God. Now, just because I say you should not believe me, because blind faith is of no use, but you can experiment and see for yourself.

Even little children know. They can tell you what is catching in you, what chakras are catching. You can have ten children, blindfold their eyes, put them before a gentleman, immediately they’ll raise this finger or this finger. Supposing they raise this finger (Shri Mataji refers to the left index finger), means this person feels terribly guilty.

Like that you can go on finding on your own being, like a laboratory. The whole thing becomes like a computer because it is knowledge, knowledge through your central nervous system, through your evolutionary process. But you have to practice and understand what it is.

If I give you a car, how will you know it moves unless and until you get into it and know how to drive it, isn’t it. You have to give some time, not much, but you enjoy, best part of it you enjoy doing the whole thing. It just flows automatically, you don’t have to do anything about it.

But one has to learn, little bit, what it is. Before realization you didn’t have to do anything, it just forms spontaneously as the seed is sown in the Mother Earth, all right? Then when it (the seedling) comes out, then you have to look after it. In the same way you have to look after your realization, respect it.

Then you become the masters. We have one master standing here (Shri Mataji refers to the Sahaja Yogi next to her) and we have so many. They are just like you to look at, but they know so much and they are so humble. They don’t go about with a big plate on their heads — ‘I am the master of this and master of that’ — nothing. They are doing all their jobs, they are doing very well, they are blessed and also they are helping people to get their realization.”

— Shri Mataji, public program, Hammersmith Town Hall, London, 28 November 1985.



One comment on “Feeling the Cool Breeze of the Kundalini

  1. Michelle
    October 8, 2015

    I have been doing Sahaja Yoga for 9 months and I long to know more. I still do not feel anything on my hands but I keep meditating every day and doing foot soaks every night.

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