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On Aggression and Love


Colours in ContemplationBut the second very bad curse of the Western acquisition instinct is that they want to acquire, aggress, others. Aggression, the aggressiveness. They think they have a right to aggress other countries, I mean they aggressed our country for three hundred years. Why? Why did they aggress? We are not bad people. Because we had gold, we had diamonds, we had pearls, we had lots of things which were just material things for which they aggressed us, and they didn’t take any spirituality from India. So the French aggressed, these aggressed, all the time aggressing. Japanese are also following you.

This aggression then moves the whole society into a very destructive force. You can see every day the wars are going on, this is fighting that, that is fighting that, they want this, they want that. And this aggression has also penetrated the developing countries, the third world also. So, nicely the disease is on.

But Kundalini kills that acquisition. How? By giving you joy. You enjoy everything. You are sitting in a jungle, you are enjoying, here in uncomfortable conditions, you enjoy because you seek the comfort of your spirit, because that gives you joy – ultimately that’s what you get out of everything. You think you get joy by acquisition; you do not. But through Kundalini awakening you get that joy, and in that joy you don’t want anything, you don’t ask for anything; you just enjoy yourself; you are the property of enjoyment. Sanskrit they say, “Atmanyeva atmane ahrushta” – “The Spirit is satisfied by its own spirit.”

So into small things you must see joy, and you must watch it, the whole universe, with that thing. I mean when I am traveling I’ll ask, “What is this tree?” “Mother, we don’t know.” “Well, you lived here for so many years, you don’t know?”  “No Mother, we don’t know much about trees.”  I say, “What are these flowers?”  “We don’t know.” I mean what are you doing, what have you been doing, you don’t know what are the trees, every day you watch them; you don’t know what is the tree is?

But if you ask them, “Where do you get this wine?” they will know.  “Mother, this is the place where they produced the best wines.”  “All right, I’ll see to it.” And next year they had no fermentation.

Reflection-XLSo, this is the acquisition instinct which is very, sort of a, which becomes a political asset that you go and aggress other countries, aggress other people and use all kinds of things; and that really is killing. So the whole attitude of human beings changes, they think we are the Lord, we can hate anyone, we can aggress anyone, we could be arrogant with anyone, we can demand anything, we can take away anybody’s wife, take away anybody’s child, take away anything, we can kill our children. As a result the love is lost; no question of compassion. Love is lost, compassion is lost; no love.

And with that you also developed “my” and “mine”, sense of “my and mine” – is that this is my child, this is my country, this is… As you know in Yugoslavia what they are doing. I don’t know who gave the name of Yugo, Yugo means Yoga. This is the Yoga people, fighting among themselves. This has come from the same root that, “This is mine, this is my country”. Why? How is it your country? You can’t create one leaf, so who are you? You can’t create little mud, can you? How do you say, “This is my country?” How dare? This all belongs to God. He has created, or you can say Adi Shakti has created. You have not created even so much; how do you say, “This is mine and I should have it?” So the “my” and “mine” thing also develops, very strong. And the same thing happens with, sometimes, Sahaja Yogis, very much. “My children”, this is the first curse. “These are my children, my wife, my family”, it starts growing like that.

Then the heart shrinks. For a large-hearted man the whole world is the universe, the whole thing is within, the whole thing is yours. When such a heart you experience within yourself then Kundalini just shoots off because, as you know, the Sahasrara is the Heart Chakra. No question of Sahasrara catching if you have a large heart. And to keep the Sahasrara open – is just develop that sense, that wisdom, that: “Nobody’s mine, everybody belongs to God. Who is mine? Whatever God wants, let Him do.”

So get out of this small feeling. Sahaja Yogis do, I must say, I have seen it. They get confined to their families. “My son hasn’t got Realization, my brother hasn’t got Realization, my this thing.” After that it moves, when they get Realization, “This is my son, my brother, my sister, this thing.” This “my” has to drop, which is very, very subtle thing, and that’s why the Sahasrara catches. Everyone is yours because the Kundalini of Sahaja Yogis is made of love, pure love. The pure love has only pure desire, is to love, love everyone equally. When you say it is difficult that means you are not trying Sahaja Yoga.

CJ Kundalini

Kundalini coming out of the Mother Earth

Enlarge your heart; you’ll never feel lost. To Me, when I was leaving England I was really, little bit, I mean happens like that, like a moon sucks in the sea, you see, I felt My heart was just pulled out, but I reach here, again I see My children waiting for Me, so it’s over, finished. It’s there I felt, now here I feel that pull of My heart was released. You are also My children here and they are also My children. For a Mother like this, how can I say, “Oh, say this is Mine, this is Mine?” So like this, try to break away from this conditioning. First, in the West people don’t care for family; they’ll divorce ten times and advertise it, “I am tenth time divorced lady.” Now they don’t divorce but so get attached with their family, with their husbands; like glue I tell you, like glue. Sometimes I start wondering, “What have I done to make them like this?”

So now it is important to see these points, and ultimately the heart is the Sahasrara, or you can call the Brahmarandra, then we have to come to heart. Do not reason out, do not argue it out, don’t work it out mentally from books or anywhere, but through your heart, if you work it out, you’ll understand that nothing is more important than to love someone. And the highest thing is to love everyone equally.


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