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On the Agnya Chakra


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Caxton Hall (UK), 18 December 1978.

This Agnya Chakra of ours. Here in the center where the optic nerve or optic thalamus cross each other like this. In the center is a very subtle point which moves both the sides like this and like that and it creates two sounds ‘Ham Ksham, Ham Ksham, Ham Ksham’. Ham is on the right hand side where you have seen the superego is there and Ksham is on the left hand side where the ego is. Now these two sounds create two kinds of vibrations. The Ham sound creates the vibrations, which make you think, “I am, I am. Ham, I am.” This comes from our existence power that we know we have to live in this world, we’re not going to die. Any human being who tries to kill himself is abnormal. Normally every human being, why every animal or any living thing tries to retain its life. That is through this power of Ham that I am. Now the superego on the left hand side and ego on the right hand side is Ksham.

But now I’ll tell you about the right hand side superego. In this superego when you are conditioned by so many things, then you are frightened and you are worried because these experiences make you that type of a person which has fear in the mind. And this fear is all settled in your superego. This starts from your amoeba stage you can say and is still today is being stored there. You are afraid of police, you are afraid of that, you are afraid of this. Some people are not afraid of these things but are afraid of something else. Because whatever have been your conditions, whatever have been your experiences are all put down here. Moreover when somebody reads the book of “Dracula” now he’s afraid of the word Dracula but the children who do not read they do not know what is a Dracula is. If you say Dracula has come they say all right lets have a look at him. But those children have read about Dracula, they are literally frightened and they say, “Oh God, Dracula is coming, something terrible is going to happen.” So you see whatever you have read, whatever you have gone through whatever experiences you have had all is in the superego. So this superego in that this center sends message, I am, you are, you are Ham, Ham don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, you are.

So the people who come to Me, you have seen some people who come to Me are victims of superego conditioning. And these are the people, actually at this stage only you can really discriminate between the two types. One who are very aggressive, the other who are absolutely we should say subordinated, frightened. These people when they come to Me I have seen, they go on crying and weeping, “Mother you know this has happened that has happened,” and I really get tired talking to them. And there are so many of this kind that really you have to pay attention to them as Sahaja Yogis because you’ll have to deal with them, how to manage them and how to work it out.

Now at that time if a Sahaja Yogi says, now you go on saying Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, a Sahaja Yogi if he says then the vibrations will drive out his fear. Even if you are under any fear and you are walking around and you feel that there’s frightened, you just say Ham, Ham, Ham. Now with this saying the vibrations will clear out this side very nicely. Apart from that, that is the way you can get help from the Divine by saying Ham. Now there are many things about Ham and Ksham but as the time is you know, so I do not want to go into great details about it. But I would say the mantra for the right hand side is Ham and for the left hand side is Ksham.



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